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Sew-along idea?

August 29, 2011

I bought a new toy, a Singer 201K made in 1945, on a whim recently. It’s a beaut little machine and and I’m enjoying playing with it and learning its quirks.

I had an idea as I was sewing on it – what if I made it my mission to find a pattern from 1945 to sew with it? Maybe this Simplicity 1305 or McCall 6273. The Vintage Sewing Pattern wiki makes it easy.

And then I had another idea… what if we made it a sew-along, matching the age of our machines with the age of the pattern we make? Whether your sewing machine was made in 1932 or 2002, it could be a lark.

Anyone want to play? How old is your machine?

  1. Hey! That's a cool idea! I've got my husby's gma's elna super from 1969. Not my normal year for interest in patterns, but I'd bet I could find something.

  2. I LOVE this idea. I just got a 'new' vintage machine from a thrift store but I am scared to say, I think it is from the 80's. I did all of my schooling in the 80's and I am not interested in repeating any of that stuff. Hopefully I can discover that it was in fact manufactured in the 70's and then I'll be ALL OVER a sew along!

  3. This sounds like fun. I just got a vintage Singer 206k from 1929, and it would be fun to sew something with it (mind you, I lack the sewing skills you have). If you would start such a project, let me know!

  4. I recently upgraded from an 80s beauty to a 2010 machine. I'm sure I can find a new pattern than resembles a vintage one! If that qualifies me! 😉

  5. I also have a Singer 201 from 1951, a Centennial. Amazingly strong and fast machine, isn't it? It's sound is that of pure sewing power! And HEAVY as all get out too! Also have a 1948 Featherweight and a 401 from 1956 that I'm looking to have fixed up.
    Sewed on one of the last metal head Kenmores from the late 70s for about 30 years until it died a couple of years ago. Loved it to death! Old Kennies make BEAUTIFUL stitches!
    After making the mistake of buying an expensive, new machine as a replacement, which I promptly resold, I turned to vintage Singers. Limitations because of their age, yes, but they generally sew well and last forever as many of us know.
    I really thought I'd like to sew mid century styles, but ended up selling my patterns from that era and going back to the boho styles of the 70s (We called them "peasant" in the day). I have always loved that style as it seems to fit my figure type and personality best.
    Yes, a sew along sounds cool! Perhaps I can sew some 70s styles in momento mori of my old friend, the Kenmore.

  6. Neat idea! Actually I have been doing that very thing for the last few weeks! I have my grandmother's 1950s machine and have been hosting a 1950s dress sew-along over here: I like to imagine if she would have ever used the same vintage pattern back when she was a young girl sewing dresses for herself.

  7. What a fun idea! I have a Singer 66-16 from 1951 I believe. I'd have to double check the serial number.
    A 50s inspired jumper dress is on my to-do list so this is great timing.

  8. Very nice! I was so glad to see that you had a chart to find out the year of a sewing machine. But I still didn’t have any luck on mine…:( I do not see any dots on mine. I have been looking for years on this Sewing Machine. I believe it in the Singer Red Eye serial # is G0447840…can anyone help me on a year.

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