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August 2, 2011

Pattern: Vintage Vogue 2402, using bodice pieces for the dress.
Fabric: Cotton quilting fabric. I’ve had this fabric, which to me has a very vintage vibe to it, and when I recently purchased a skirt from Raleigh Vintage on etsy I thought it would make the perfect blouse for it. 
Why this pattern: I wanted to do a quick blouse because I was itching to wear the skirt. I decided that all my blouse patterns were too involved so I started looking at the bodices of my dress patterns. This one seemed just right because it wouldn’t detract from the pattern and I love the little turned collar which I decided to face with plain white cotton.

Using the pattern: I cut a size 12 and just extended the bottom down 2″ and out a bit so that I could tuck it into the skirt. It’s a really simple pattern with two sets of darts in both the back and front. The directions were easy to follow and simple to do. The facing is surprisingly easy to put in and I love that it gives you directions on mitering the corners for the sleeves since the sleeve facing is accomplished by folding the seam allowance back in on itself.

Final conclusion: I love this pattern and I love this blouse. I think it goes real well with my new skirt and I’m thinking I need to come up with a fun hat that has the same movement as the pattern of the fabric. Whats really exciting is that I now know this pattern fits me with no alterations so I might need to find some great fabric to make a complete dress. *I have made the jacket from this pattern, which also was quite lovely to put together.

 Onto my next project!
Lil Vintage Homemaker

  1. Cute!

    I started a dress years ago with this pattern, lost my mojo, never finished it, and now have gained too much weight to wear it if I were to finish it.

  2. You did a beautiful job! Looks great on you. I have this pattern but have never sewn it. I love your idea for using the bodice pieces for a blouse. Thanks for sharing!

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