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1970s Glam Girl Party Dress!

August 28, 2011

Just in time before the 70s theme over at Sew Weekly is over, I managed to finish my project!

My inspiration collage looked like this:

Also, I already had the fabric in my stash, so it was fun to find inspiration dresses that was in similar fabrics!

I drafted a pattern using Vogue 8734 and 2235 as models! I used this pattern for the sleeves…

…and this pattern, view E (the full length one) for the rest of the dress! I didn’t really have enough fabric to make the dress as long as the one on the pattern, but I think I managed to make it long enough (and besides, when a dress is just above ankle length, legs look longer!)

And here’s the result!

As always, more text and lots of more pictures are on my blog, sewewellyn. Come by and take a look!

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