1930s Dress-Vintage Pattern

August 16, 2011

Here is my latest (completed) project. It is made from some cheap cotton fabric from my stash ($1.00 per yard-thank you, Wal-Mart!) The fabric is beautiful, though; soft and thin, sort of gauzy, not at all stiff or cheap-feeling. It drapes and moves beautifully!

On a side note: my husband took all of these pictures and “didn’t notice” that my collar was folded up in the back on one side…! They turned out so well otherwise (and I was having such a good hair day! hee hee) that I didn’t really want to retake them, so just try to ignore the fold! Here is the dress:

Once again, I made it to match a beautiful pair of crocheted gloves that I got from ebay. At my local fabric store, I found the perfect striped accent fabric to match the colors in the gloves. The buttons are vintage, although I have no idea what era they are from. They looked deco enough to me, and they matched perfectly, so I used them!

I made it using this vintage pattern:

I took about 14 inches total out of the circumference of the hem; it was a bit too A-line for my taste. I also added 2 inches to the length. When it was finished, I topstitched all of the seams with light brown thread. I did it with a lighter color because I wanted the beautiful seaming to show; I love the way the yoke and the pleats look on this dress, and they weren’t really visible on the dark fabric.

Here is the way the collar looks from the back. I tried very hard to match the stripes, both in the back and in the front, and I was pleased with the result. I am not very good at pattern-matching, so the fact that it came so close made me very happy!

More details and pictures on my blog!

  1. Ooh lovely work! I wouldn't have given that pattern much of a second glance really but it looks so nice made up. And i totally agree about the seaming on the skirt- lovely lines 🙂 Good job on the pattern matching too.

  2. Really nice work! You look picture perfect. The seaming adds the perfect touch. I love that you got the fabric at Wal-mart. Who would have thought?

  3. Pardon my French, but it's bloody marvellous. This shows that clever fabric/trim choices and accessories really make the difference. Well done on the brogues too, I'm currently obsessed with them and my mum just got me a brown leather and cream mesh pair reduced from £45 to £13!

  4. Truly Gorgeous. I love the way it sits on your waist! The top stitching is such a beautiful detailing!

    Great job! (love the hat too btw).

  5. I like your introduction of a print. It adds a nice sporty touch and shows off that nifty collar shape.

    That's such a lovely pattern and looks very wearable.

  6. I also would have passed over that pattern without another look, but I adore your dress! And very envious of your perfect stripe alignment!

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