My daughter made a request for a vintage style bikini for her school swimming lessons. She is so proud of the ones that I have been making lately she wanted to show of what I have been doing..bless her….
luckily she loved this ..her request had been for a bandeau top and high pants..I darted them for the vintage look and added some to the pool….

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  • Hey lady! I know you've got the sewing spirit! Come join in on Project Frumpy to Fab!

    Strawberry Moth

  • That is adorable! And it's nice and modest, too. I can't stand seeing little girls in bikini tops that gape open. (Can't stand it on big girls either, guess I'm just a prude!)

  • What a sweetie that your cutie pie wanted you to make her a vintage bathing suit so she could proudly display it for her friends. I love hearing such stories! My own daughter, 22, still loves me to make her garments, even if she is sewing herself and learning along with me. I love the bathing suit, and it looks super cute on your little one.

  • adorable! so cute and girly.


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