This Time I Actually Measured the Baby

June 1, 2011

After my recent foray into sewing for Mrs Baby detailed here, I decided something had to change: I was actually going to have to measure the baby.

This is a huge break from my normal “doesn’t this pattern know who I am?? I don’t need to read the directions, know what the seam allowance is or have any idea of the size of my child!” approach to sewing.

In reward for my diligence, Mrs Baby got a dress that fits (let’s all please pretend that any wonky parts are a feature of my child and not evidence of my sloppy sewing technique). AND IT HAS POLKA DOTS. Squee!

The fact that I didn’t fussy cut the straps is eating at me, but if I remake them I won’t have enough fabric left over to make the matching polka dot panties. The panties are critical.

  1. That's really cute!Well done! I don't know what fussy cutting is but you could always do the bloomers first and then see if there is any leftovers.perhaps rescuing aome or all of the existing straps

  2. That's so cute!! May I make a suggestion? You could stitch a wide piece of lace or white ribbon over the straps if the lack of fussy cutting is really bothering you 🙂

  3. I was going to suggest the same as Tin Can Daisy, but I was thinking red grograin ribbon about the same width as the straps are now.

    Cute bow ties at the shoulders, perhaps?

  4. Thanks all 🙂 You guys are too sweet.

    Love the suggestions for fixing the straps. I'm going to finish the panties tonight and then dig out some ribbon.

    Miss W: fussy cutting is a quilting term. It's when you cut out your fabric around a particular motif or pattern repeat so that the placement is very deliberate. It's basically the opposite of my slapdash 'throw the pattern pieces on there and let the chips fall where they may' approach ; )

  5. Oh that is so gorgeous! Makes me want to have another baby right now! I love the dress you have done a fabulous job and wow what a cutie!

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