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Sarong Playsuit

June 28, 2011
I whipped this baby up this week.  I combined the bodice of an Eva Dress pattern 108 and the trousers from Simplicity 3688, which I turned into shorts.  For the front I just made up a sarong that ties on the left.  I was proud of myself for tackling boning for the first time.  It turned out super comfy and figure-flattering.  I got lots of compliments and now I need to show my girlfriends how to make their own!
  1. I love this! Great color choice too ๐Ÿ™‚

    I need to try and piece together a few different patterns I have to make a playsuit!

  2. I just noticed your kitchen! Love, love love the red and white color scheme and I am drooling over your retro steel cabinets!

  3. I wish they were steel! They are original to the house though from 1952. I repainted them after finding the doors in a gunky pile in the garage. I'm lucky they were all there!

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  6. I must say your playsuit is fantastic. Love the colour too! I like that you have worked with 2 patterns to achieve this outcome. Brilliant.

  7. I love, love, LOVE this!! Your creativity is so inspiring!!

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  8. You look so beautiful and that summer outfit looks impeccably crafted! Yes, you must show your girlfriends how to make their own! ha.

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