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jazzy bear dress

June 6, 2011

hello again! i wanted to share my new bear dress!

i made it from butterick 2906 and a bunch of vintage fabric i got from a local theater yard sale. it has pink bears, squirrels and raccoons all jammin’ out! what’s not to love!

i added a sweetheart neckline to it so it would be a little more flattering, and also tops stay up better on me when they are like that opposed to straight across. the bodice measurements were super wonky on this one! it should have fit like a glove but i ended up taking in at least 4 inches from it! the best part about this dress is that i got to sew it on my amazing new sewing machine i got for work!

it’s a consew 260rb… and it kicks so much ass and i love it. a lot. well, like usual, more on my blog!


  1. I'm pretty certain that the designer of the original pattern had a different fabric choice in mind 😉

    But, honestly, who could have resisted that wonderful print? It's such fun!

    Your dress is adorable!

  2. Very cute dress, I think everbody out there will smile at you, when you wear it =)

    The machine looks like it could sew a lot of heavy stuff!

  3. thanks for all of the comments guys 🙂 and that machine WILL sew through anything! i just got a job working for a luxury dog bed company so it's my new treat for work!

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