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French Seams

June 27, 2011

Hiya everyone,
Just an update on my yellow swing dress (butterick retro b5209). Done the bodice which was the hardest bit ith the lining to do as well.

Using a silk crepe de chine, which is beautiful, and slinky. A bit too slinky in fact, was a bleedin nightmare to cut out, doesn’t seem that keen on doing what the iron tells it to do, and frays like a mother.
Anyway, as a result I’ve decided to do French seams on the skirt; the top is lined so that’s nice and tidy.

One question though, how would I do a French seam at the side where I also have to add a zip in 3/4 of the way up?? I don’t want any raw edges showing at all.
Any suggestions, or if you know of any handy tutorials I’d be grateful??
Cheers guys

  1. Stitched plain seam. Just sew a regular seam with the seam allowance on the wrong side. Then you turn under the edges of the seam allowance and stitch them in place. It ends up looking like this.

  2. Thanks guys, you've helped a lot and given me a few things to think about. I'll try it a couple of ways and see what fits in best with the other seams 😉

  3. I got the fabric for about £2.50per metre ($4) from Abhakans in the Northern Quarter in Manchester. It's the only really good place up here now, how sad in the birthplace of the industrial revolution and cotton industry! there's also Nortex Mill in Bolton but don't really like Bolton anymore unless I have a handy weapon.

  4. i have heard about using starch (i think) for cutting out slinky type fabrics. i think i saw it on this blog:

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