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A Mistake a Remake

June 27, 2011
I ended up doing a dress the opposite of what my client requested. she wanted a low neckline and high back, instead she got a low back with a high front. I had to redesign the dress quite a bit because I didn’t think an empire waist would go well with the low neckline. First picture is the mistake second is the redesign. A big whoops on my part. You can read more about ruining a wedding at my blog.

 She will be using the aqua sash with the revised dress. I just added the teal for picture purposes. I love teal and champagne. Her petticoat is a lot fuller than the one I have under the second picture so I’m hoping it will really poof out. I’m also hoping that she loves the new design and that she and the groom can laugh in about ten maybe 20 years from now about the girl who made their wedding dress backwards.

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