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June 23, 2011

i just finished an 80s dress a couple of weeks ago and quite liked it. i got the pattern at a local thrift store for 10 cents.

i was immediately drawn to the tucks on the dress. and oh god the hair LOLOLOL.

the fabric i used was purchased at hancock’s during one of its seasonal cleaning events. 100% cotton and only $1 a yard. i got 3 yards and due to poor planning, only have a very long and narrow strip left (3 yards x 12″ possibly). i’ll figure in the thread used as 2$. gutermann 100% cotton. the project cost me $5.10.

here’s the dress in all its lovely unabashed glory:

yes it is loud. also it does look like bed sheet. but pairing it with neutral tones alleviate some of those qualities.

more on my blog. thank you for reading! 🙂

  1. I like it! I've only recently began to appreciate how much the 80s drew on fashions of the 30s through 50s. This dress is full of 40s features, from the yoke panel and kimono sleeves to the tuck detail.

    Doesn't look like a bedsheet to me but maybe that's because I have some very similar fabric!

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