Vogue 2962

My biggest project in a long time, other than a gorgeous wool creation I don’t have pictures of yet… The overlay is organza, I had to alter the halter (haha) considerably as I made a size 8 but it was much too big on top. The pattern calls for a button and loop but after I altered it the best option was to put in a couple button holes instead, for added security. No, it doesn’t have pockets, but this is the skirt without a crinoline and it enveloped my hands. I’m looking forward to dancing in this at a friend’s wedding this weekend! 😀

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  • This is a really beautiful dress! I love the shape of the skirt, and imagine it being the perfect shape for twirling on the dance floor 🙂

  • gorgeous dress! you look lovely in green.

  • Wow, amazing dress, love it!

  • Thanks!


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