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Vintage Vogue Sizing?

May 19, 2011

Hello all!  A quick question re Vintage Vogue re-issued patterns.  Do you find the sizing runs true to the envelope measurements, too big or two small?

By Vogue’s online size chart I am exactly a 12 on every point, however the last dress I made from the Vintage Vogue range (my nemesis V2902) ended up a size 6 (due to seam fabric issues) and fits really well (except for too wide straps cut on size 10).  I want to buy some more patterns from the range (they’re on sale btw, $4.99) but I don’t know now whether to get the 6-10 or the 12-16 size, I’d like to avoid having to grade it. So was it just that one reproduction or does the whole range seem to run big? What’s your experience? Thanks for your help!
  1. I'm a size 12 as well, and I've found I've had to go down several sizes for Vintage Vogue patterns. Sometimes it's more the proportioning than the sizing, as in the waist will be correctly sized, but the torso will be far too long and the shoulders/bust far too wide. I recommend doing a muslin for at least the bodice of any Vintage Vogue.

  2. I am a 14 in vintage patterns and, generally, I have to go down to a 12 in nearly all modern patterns including repro patterns from Butterick, Vogue & Simplicity. Even different garmets within a pattern can have different sizing issues for me. For example, in Simplicity 4044 I am a 12 in the trousers and a 10 in the skirt.

  3. I'm an 18 on paper, but I have to go down a good 4", so I'd buy the smaller pattern, take a flat pattern measurement, compare it to your measurements and go from there. Vogue (repro and modern) seem to like to have a TON of ease.

  4. Thank you all for the feedback, very helpful.

    Eileen, that's a really good point about proportions. As I mentioned I had shoulder width problems and so it seems have a lot of other bloggers when it comes to Vintage Vogue patterns. The ratio between waist and shoulders for 50s women would have been a lot greater than the modern silhouette, I wonder if that's part of the problem? I will do a bodice muslin as usual as I need to know if I have to do an FBA or not.

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