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May 9, 2011

I absolutely positively do not need any more patterns at the moment. I have a list of projects as long as my arm that will probably see me well into the late summer. But who among us can resist a box of vintage patterns in a charity shop, I ask you??

 Of course once you start looking it’s game over and you have to come away with something. All things considered I was pretty restrained I think. Especially at 20p each. Am definately feeling the current 70’s trend though. I think it’s a style I’ve always subconsciously veered towards being a “child of the 70’s ” and all that…the oriental style jacket in the last pic would make a cute Spring/Summer cover up in a denim, don’t you think? Best of all when it comes to the skirts in the first pic (which I know would be super simple to draft but hey, 20p ladies!) these ones have pockets. Ah, vintage skirt love….
How about you? Discovered any treasures recently?

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  1. Those are fun! I love that long red skirt with the black border print, and the one in the middle is such a classic set of separates.

  2. That first skirt pattern looks familiar. Does it have a combination pocket/side placket?

    The Simplicity top would be cute in lightweight denim or chambray. I can also see that two-tone version in evening fabrics.

    Not a bad collection for 20p each! Plenty of wardrobe ideas!

  3. I NEVER resist a bag/box of vintage patterns! Resistance is futile! Now, up to 4 bins, as my husband raises an eyebrow. ;D

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