Summery dress

I love this dress, it took me a while due to work commitments, but was totally worth it. I added a lining to make it decent and stop any unfortunate ‘extra views’. I have only worn it once, but this is purely because we’ve had VERY rubbish summers in England and I haven’t been on holiday for 4 years (5?). But the animals at Chester Zoo got to see me in it! For more info see my blog.

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  • very cute! i think i have that pattern or something very much like it, i think i want to try it out now :-)

  • Pardon the total Captain Obvious suggestion, but I'd throw a cardigan over that sucker and wear it everywhere. Heck, I'd make one in a darker fabric, minus the ruffle, and wear it to work as a jumper (over a white blouse. I'm not sure what U.S. jumpers are called in England?).

  • Thank you very much. I do need to have a real sort out of my wardrobe, figure out what accessories and basics I need. this sewing is the start of that process really. You're right I should wear it more.
    Little Black Car, I think we'd call that a pinafore, but would never wear this to work as being an art teacher i have a messy job!

  • Super Cute dress. Excellent job.Hope you get to wear it a bit more soon. I'm in the uk too so I know what you mean.perhaps you could layer it to get some extra wear out of it


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