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My Walk Away dress.

May 15, 2011

Hi Sew Retro folk! I wanted to show you all my latest project. I whipped this dress up in a couple of hours last weekend, but had to wait for a sunny day to take some photos. This dress was very easy to make. I have the reproduction pattern so it has the various sizes on the pattern pieces, which was useful for me, as I have a pear-shaped body. I was able to cut the bust to one size, and then the waist and hips in a larger size.
There has been a lot of hating towards this pattern, the general consensus online seems to be that it has no shape and looks like a large apron/hospital gown. I totally disagree. I think (for my shape at least) that it turned out to be super cute and is a perfect dress for our warm Australian summers. I do think though that the success of the dress relies on good fabric pattern choice, and the correct contrast bias binding – otherwise I do see how it could end up looking like the wearer was disappearing beneath 4 meters of fabric!
I wore this dress out today, visiting a cafe and doing a bit of shopping, and three people complimented me on the dress! That never happens when I wear the clothes I make – so for me this dress was a success 🙂
I teamed the dress with Casey’s latest romantic Edwardian updo. This was my first attempt at the hairstyle and I think its a cute look.
Have any of you ever made this pattern? Would love a link to see your version 🙂
You can see more photos at my blog – All Things Quilty… and Sewy!
Sam xox
  1. I've always liked the look of this pattern from the picture on the front but have been terrified to make it as it uses so much fabric and as you mention there is so much hate for this pattern on the internet. I have seen some really nice versions on here though and hope to give it a go sometime. Yours looks great! Love the hair too!

  2. Your dress looks lovely. Yes, I have made the child sized version of this dress. You can see the different dresses I have made with the vintage pattern here: scroll down to the second picture and the first one I made is here:

    The first two links I altered the pattern a bit. The first one was made pretty much as the direction, with a tuck put in center front to take in a bit of the fullness.

    It's great pattern. Now I have to make one for me…although I have a different pattern that is similar from the 50's. 😉

  3. I've actually just finished mine! It was my first ever actual garment and I think for a complete beginner it turned out rather well. I have some fitting issues, which I had to resolve a little outside the box, but otherwise I quite like the dress. Not sure if I'm brave enough to wear it out yet though!

  4. I've done this pattern as well and I loved it! Although wearing it on Halloween one year (I wasn't dressing up) everyone thought I was red riding hood. I did mine with the front in an off-white cotton and the apron part an off-white print with large apples on it.

  5. I did the same one or two months ago… it's really nice and confortable. Mine is totally different because I ve used 2 fabrics (have a look to my blog)

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