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Introduction: Vintage Gams

May 27, 2011

Hello everyone! My name is Karen and I go by the screen name Vintage Gams. I’ve been a historical costumer for over 20 years and during that time have sewn costumes and period attire for theater & opera companies, Renaissance faires, and individual reenactors all over the world. The only trouble with sewing for everyone else is that you rarely have time to sew for yourself. So, (or is it sew?), a couple of years back I decided to cut back on the orders and now concentrate on sewing for myself. I have loved “playing dress up” since I can remember and I guess I just never got over it. I’m fortunate to have a husband that loves to dress in period attire, as well, and attends whatever decade or century event that I get involved with, so I sew for him too. I even started a blog to chronicle our events and vintage lifestyle at Vintage Gams.
I’m very excited to have found Sew Retro and join up with all of the rest of you avid sewers and costumers out there. For my intro post, I’d like to share a photo of us at the Rust Revival 2011 in Wayland, Mo last weekend. My dress is of a lightweight printed cotton and I used the 1952 Retro Butterick wrap dress pattern #B4790.

  1. I've seen several versions of this, and I have sewed it myself, but your version is my favorite that I have seen. It is a tricky fit, but yours looks to fit well, and I just love your fabric! Lovely job 🙂

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