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Introducing The New Look Blouse Project & Adventures in Vintage Shoulder Pads

May 26, 2011

Good Afternoon!

I thought I would let everyone in on the latest project I have in the works…I call it The New Look Blouse Project , please follow my progress at my blog .

It is McCall’s # 7242 ca. 1948! Awesome!

McCall ca. 1948 #7242

 One thing I have noticed from working with this vintage pattern….they seem to be long on pattern piece markings and short on detailed instruction! I think I just need to get used to the difference in style and language used back in the day, I find myself doing a lot of head scratching but those aha! moments are priceless….

Don’t laugh, this is my first shoulder pad and it’s not complete!

This blouse calls for shoulder pads….check out my post on those here. They are actually really fun, even though I am basically winging it! I had no idea shoulder pads were required for this pattern, since there was absolutely no mention of them or the required material on the envelope, anywhere!! I realized the necessity of them half way through cutting out my underlining…lucky I had most everything except for the cotton batting which I went out and bought at my fabric store.

Check out more pics at the link above! If you have any shoulder pad tips or encouragement…let me know!



  1. Well done with the shoulder pads!!
    What you have to keep in mind with these older patterns is that there were more people with good dressmaking skills as they were more widely taught and that the pattern producers also assumed that you had a good grasp of the subject.I have a pattern of the same age and I keep putting off making it due to the basic instructions and pad construction so you have encouraged me to have a go.Thanks!!

  2. Thanks for the comment…You know I am getting close to completing this project and now that I am fitting it with the shoulder pads, they really ended up turning out fine. I hope you do get going on your project, it's never as bad as we think it is going to be!

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