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May 26, 2011

Hello there,
I’m Helen, from Manchester, England. I’m a teacher of Art and am hoping that being part of an online community will help push me to finish all my sewing projects. As you can see, I’ve got a few vintage patterns I’ve inherited (discreetly stolen) from my late Gran’s sewing drawer. I’ve made just 2 of these and will be posting up pics and more info on my blog. The rest desperately need making, as I’m taking the finished items on holiday with me (my first holiday with my fella, who I’ve been with for nearly 4 years!).
I’ve joined an online community, I’ve set up a blog, I’ve cleaned my back bedroom and organised my fabric/pattern box. Now to avoid the distractions!

  1. I have my mom's copy of Simplicity 8956. We had matching dresses made from that pattern way back in the day.

  2. Hi Helen, Good luck with finishing your projects.I also struggle with this and sometimes things get left unfinished for ages if there's something I'm not sure about.I'm not exactly an expert but as it seems you have a lot to do my advice would be to take regular breaks and know when you are getting hungry/thirsty/tired because thats when mistakes happen when you're just trying to finish of the last little thing when you're exhausted .(It's one of my bad sewing habits)

  3. whats your blog..I'm an artist in england with a passion for sewing vintage.. be nice to take a look at your blog:)

  4. Hiya, jayneangela my blog is
    Thanks for the encouragement Creative Miss W, I am also guilty of working even when I should have gone to bed, or even delaying going to the loo just so I can finish a hem!

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