A Note for those in Vancouver…


I’m not sure if I’m allowed to post this because it’s not strictly about sewing, more a little note to any sew retro-ers in Vancouver who might want to meet up!

I’m heading up that way in June for three weeks and I’d love to know where abouts I should visit while I’m there – any good/cheap farbic places or vintage shops?

I blog at Pretty Little Pictures, so please feel free to leave me a comment there.

Thanks so much, and I promise not to post such non-sewing related posts in the future!


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  • A wonderful place to shop for notions, zippers, lace, crazy random sewing stuff and bargains, is Dressew Supply, 337 Hastings St W. Don't let the street address scare you. I have been there loads of times and never had a problem :) Seriously, check out the zippers! You will kick yourself if you don't bring some measurements for projects you want zippers for.

    For vintage (and I mean, brand new on the original bolt from the 60's) wools, lace and silks and other high quality fabrics you should go to Gala Fabrics. They have a store in Vancouver and one in Victoria where I live. The people at Gala know there stuff and are awesome. Some of their stuff is so amazing I just go to look.

  • There's also Atex, which is further east on Hastings, just across Cambie. There's a yoga studio upstairs. :) They have amazing prices on dupionni, and linens. It's all designer bolt ends and stuff, so it's fairly random, but I really like it in there. Note that the owner doesn't sew, but he sure knows his stock!

  • I am flying from Paris to Vancouver tomorrow, so I will also be happy to have your addresses!!!!


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