50s Day Dress

Hi retro-lovers! I’ve been enjoying all your creations so much, time for me to add one of my own into the mix. I recently made this dress from a 1963 McCalls pattern, don’t know about you but I think it’s got more of a late 1950s vibe, which is why I refer to it as my 50s day dress (I hope to make that plural some day soon!).

I was lucky enough to come across this fabric at work which fits with the era of the pattern pretty well. It’s such a sweet ditsy design. I’ve gone into more detail about this pattern, including this interesting under-arm stabilising/finishing technique that the pattern instructions (which I rarely follow!) suggested in this blog post.

I’m gearing myself up to making a full gathered skirt 50s style dress, but this four-gored skirt is full enough to push my comfort zone, and actually wearing it feels really nice. I’m usually more of a wiggle dress girl, but I find they are a bit sexy for day wear, or at least the kind of days I tend to have!

Forgive the flipflops, vintage fiends! Keep it creative,

Zoe xxx

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  • wauw what a beautiful dress!!

  • i love your dress! I was just thinking about making vogue 6203 which has a really similar neckline..yours is great! thanks for the inspiration.

  • Love the neckline!

  • Love the dress! No worries on the flip-flops; here in FL, I usually rock my flip-flops with my vintage dresses! ;D

  • Perfect color for you.

  • As soon as I saw the pattern, before I scrolled down to your comments, I said to myself "1960's." It's easy to date these patterns when you've lived thru t he times–the hairdos gave them away. Have fun.


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