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vintage brooch board.

Inspired by the brooch board by Tuppence Ha’penny Vintage (instructions are blogged about here), last night I tried my hand at making my own.
I had a vintage frame, quilting wadding, and some red felt, and within minutes I had my very own board. While my vintage brooch collection is still very small, I am excited to have such a nice display for my dressing table.

~ Small beginnings ~

~ Brooch purchased from LoveMissP ~

~ 80’s rainbow brooch purchased from WildTeaParty ~

~ Vintage brooch – thrifted ~

Sam xox
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  • VeraVenus April 11, 2011, 8:21 am

    What a terrific idea! So much nicer than rummaging in boxes to locate a particular brooch I'll be making one of these

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