The Infinite Dress – McCall’s 5360 – The Wrap Up

I had so much fun. 
We had amazing weather all weekend and I got to play with my new dress… and played, and played …
… and then played some more. There are a few style that fit me better, but once you have it on, you actually forget about it. Wrapped up properly, I can even wear it without a bra! 
It doesn’t pull, tug, squeeze, it’s awesome comfortable and I don’t think I own another garment so playful and fun!
The Infinite Dress is very modern for a 35 year old! I knew it was a winner!
The whole saga is right here, properly tagged, so you can see all the posts in French and English!

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  • that looks very cool! I would be late for every occasion just trying to decide which way to wear it! How much fabric does it take?

  • About 3 meters. With plenty of leftovers for matching underwear and a bathing suit or a top.

  • After you posted the last time, I made up my own version of this type of dress (not near as polished as yours, but still fun!) I did the same thing! I couldn't stop playing with it!

  • this is a wonderful idea..and new to me although I did wrestle with a similar baby sling for a while..I will have to have a go

  • @A.J.A. your dress looks awesome! Well done!

  • This would look great if it was shortened into a top, or as a dress had more fullness at the skirt. The swimsuit fabric idea is intriguing, but it sounds like it would look shiny and overly polyester. Maybe with a simple cotton jersey knit?
    Did you sew it with a regular needle or a ballpoint one?
    I can see the hemming stitches on the long strap things. It's not that nice as it is; try a contrasting color or a hand hem.


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