Smart everyday dress

Hi everyone, this is a picture of my new dress, check out more on my blog. Happy sewing!

Tripods and a windy day, but I you can see all the details of this dress in this outdoors shot! 

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  • Darling!!
    And oh my gosh, I *love* the second shot 🙂

  • That 2nd shot is AWESOME!! Lol Very cute dress 🙂

  • I third that – that second picture is EXCELLENT!

    Lovely dress, also!

  • I absolutely love this dress! The piping is amazing. Well done!

  • Thanks it was fun making it. Hope to make another in purple.

  • I love that pattern! That's the trouble with reading Sew Retro — I fall in love with a particular pattern and long to make it, but because it's a vintage pattern I have almost no hope of finding it. (Already did a websearch on this one.)

    Anyway, it looks great and I love the piping.


  • I love your dress and the pic last pic is amazing! Nice shot!
    You look like a glamourous american girl… sort of cliché we have here
    that's so nice!
    the red color gives lot of charm to that dress with the neckless, bell and the shoes (really good match)
    so chic

    (Claire, from Paris, France)

  • Thanks Claire! Red is a favorite color of mine.

  • the red trim is so beautiful!

    great job!!


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