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April 16, 2011

Hi everyone
I’m Jayne from England and loving having found this site which I always read at about 5am with a cup of hot chocolate..its an inspiring start to the day.  I have been sewing since I was a girl..taught by my mum..but I have found sewing machines to be a great source of frustration so I have a love /hate relationship with them.  Recently though my children have both become schoolers so I now have time to start my own buisness which was going to be photography but I’m combining that with making my own clothes StellaMay in vintage style.. I have always been a vintage girl and into cutting up clothes and reforming them into an individual outfit and I did once consider doing fashion at college but did Fine art instead!
Here are some thing I just made….

These shorts were made from a 70’s skirt that had a huge tear in it

skater skirt..70’s original pattern from the same pattern as was classed as a teens pattern but the sizing is 8 and possibly a small 10

I have made quite a few of these tops from a 60’s pattern as it is quit easy to make and very comfortable to wear..the longer version with a belt is nice but this sits at the waist which is neat! I would like to make this in smaller sizes but I have yet to buy a curve and start altering my pattern sizes
see you all  soon..heres where i’m at..

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