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My new vintage sewing machine.

April 22, 2011

Two weeks ago I won this vintage Pinnock sewing machine on eBay, for a whole $1.04!!!
The seller said she wasn’t a sewer, so could not guarantee that the machine sewed, although she did say that when plugged in the needle moved up and down – which is a start! I haven’t yet plugged it in to give it a go, but fingers crossed it stitches. I have found a website that offers the manual for sale, so that will be next on my list to buy, as I have no idea how to thread this thing!
The machine is in great condition, and comes complete with its original cabinet. The cabinet lid folds down and the machine rises up from inside. Once up, the sewer is able to open the cabinet door (which has cute shelves and a bobbin holder), and sit in it to sew.

From online reading this machine dates to the 50’s or 60’s. If anyone knows anything about these machines feel free to give me advise. My best $1.04 buy on eBay ever!
Sam xox
  1. congratulations on your win, I've never seen one before so I'm no help to you but it looks gorgeous!I love the cabinet, and the colour!

  2. Wow! These machines dont seem to exist in the UK. Im sure people sewed but it seems alot of people throw away old things.

  3. Wow. What a deal. I bet this machine will work great. I doubt these sturdy sewing machines break as easily as the plastic ones we use today. These older models stand the test of time. I bet once you thread it, you'll be using it all the time!! Congrats!!!

  4. If you think this is cool you should check out Merrow Machines (www.merrow.com), they've been made in the US since the 1800s and are the only remaining US sewing machine co. They have machines that do crochet stitch, shell stitch, really any stitch, plus edgers and industrial overlocks, butt-seamers and sergers. I love this company, my grandfather's friend used to work at a company that uses Merrows and he still talks about them when hes reliving the old days. Awesome steel on ebay btw!

  5. Post WWII Japan made A LOT of sewing machines, of which this is one. They were badged and sold under a huge variety of names from Kenmore to Morse to this. They are all awesome machines, all metal and very reliable and usually very cheap to acquire. A lot of people love them because they look like cars from the 50s and came in gorgeous colours from this blue to pink to green and purple. Good find with the cabinet!

  6. This brought back memories. Your machine is EXACTLY like the one my Mum used to have that I think she bought here in Australia in the 60s. It was a Pinnock. The only difference was that she didn't have the cabinet. Mum used to do piecework from home, and her industrial Singer roared along the seams but did little else. She bought this machine purely for the zig zagging. I've always thought it was cute and a couple of years ago lugged it from Mum's to my place (about 1000 Km away). But it was HEAVY and although I had it serviced, I never really took to sewing with it. I put it out for recycling at the local tip. Sad but true. And guess what? Now I have 4 vintage machines (all Singers or clones) but none as pretty as that Pinnock!!!

  7. Lovely looking machine, reminds me of the 1950s fuel filling stations! The colours and the lovely metal badges, the gear knobs.

    I hope you get a lot of use out of the machine, its beautiful.

    Lots of old machines and cabinets on UK ebay although they don't sell as cheaply as this!

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