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Loot from Norway

April 12, 2011

So long, long ago I blogged about hunting down my first Norwegian antique show. And then I didn’t say another thing about it. Frankly, I forgot. I’m funny that way. But I did take pictures, which I just stumbled upon. So I thought, better late than never, n’est pas?
The show was small. Really small. I grew up at antique shows, tucked under a display table for a whole weekend with an engrossing book, or playing dress up for my mother’s customer’s entertainment. This was in Denver and the shows were always on a massive scale. This show was advertised to be the largest gathering of antique dealers in all of Norway, Sweden and Denmark combined.
Sadly, that wasn’t much. The building with about 25 booths was about the size of your local small bowling alley.
Regardless, I still found some cute things whilst my husband carefully examined old German pistols and training grenades. I was hunting for patterns.
I didn’t find any.
But what I did find was pretty great.

I got some lovely cards of little rhinestone buttons. There are tons of them for those lovely dresses that call for 16 or more buttons.

 I especially love the gold double rosebud buttons. Oh, the things I can do with these.

I also acquired a great “Parisian” hairstyles booklet for salons in Norway from June of 1949, with advertisements in Norwegian and French which I find an odd blend, sort of like my life.
You can see more pictures and read more on my blog A Few Threads Loose.

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