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an introduction… and finished project!

April 27, 2011

hi everyone! i’ve been lurking this blog for close to a year now but am just now getting around to making my first post! my name is lauren, i am 25 years old and i live in nashville, TN 🙂 i’ve been sewing for many years, although i can’t say i’ve delved much into the vintage pattern construction (although my giant collection of said vintage patterns would suggest otherwise!). i have, however, recently completed a dress using an unprinted pattern (my first!) and i wanted to share it with y’all 🙂

i used simplicity 2412; the fabric is a lovely gingham seersucker. i tried to keep this one as ~authentic as possible – i bound all the seams (with lipstick red vintage seam binding, of course!), used unbleached muslin to interface the bertha, and the zipper is a vintage metal zipper – inserted into the side, vintage-style, and hand-picked. hm now i just sound kind of crazy. anyway, pictures!

dress front

dress side
see the lapped zipper? it went in perfectly… except backwards. whoops! give me an E for effort anyway, guys 🙂

dress back

the skirt is gigantic!

oh, i made my belt, too!
i used tilly’s bow belt tutorial, except i cut mine on the bias & i used belt backing instead of interfacing. this belt might actually be my favorite part of the dress – i wear it all the time!

i have a lot more pictures, esp of the construction, but i don’t want to load down this post so please visit my blog,lladybird, if you feel so inclined!

thanks so much for looking! i look forward to being part of this community 🙂


  1. Welcome! And that dress is ca-ute! 😉 Good job! And hey, about yhe zipper – at least it looks good from the outside, and that's what important, right? *been there, done that*

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