Wherein I Sew a Flight Cap

March 27, 2011

Recently I was lucky enough to add a really great World War II era flight cap sewing pattern to my collection. I had so much fun sewing it up for myself. I think I’ll be making it again soon in a mini fascinator size!

I didn’t have any ‘olive drab’ colored fabric in my stash so I went instead with a thick, black cotton and a yard of vintage gray double-fold bias tape.

The hat was a breeze. It came together perfectly within an hour, and had really great finishing instructions for the seams.

You can read more and see more pictures about this and my other projects on my blog A Few Threads Loose.

Happy Sewing!

  1. Very cute! What a fun project, and how satisfying is it to finish something in an hour? Can't wait to see the fascinator.

  2. Cute little hat!

    Who would have known that such a style could be consider fashion!

    Do check out the equally vintage size darling clothes – especially the blog page would for you to comment seen as you clearly have an eye for style!

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