Simplicity 4203

I just got around to finishing this dress this weekend after getting frustrated with the collar a month or two back, but now it’s finally done!

So ultimately I really like this pattern, my only difficulty with it was the collar. It worked out though!
I really love dresses with embroidery on them and I used the embroidery pattern that came with the dress pattern.
I originally meant for this to be more of a winter dress which is why I at first used the longer sleeves. I cut them shorter though and I think I’ll be able to get a lot of use out of this dress all year around.
I loved the fabric I used for this so much! I have no idea what it is anymore, though I know I got it at Joann’s a while ago. It’s a stretchy dark blue with a sort of shine to it.
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  • I tried several times to leave you a comment on your own blog, but they weren't working. I think this dress is lovely with just the right amount of embellishment! Perfect!

  • what a wonderful dress! your blog is lovely as well but I also couldn't comment there!

  • This is just beautiful! I can't believe that you did the embroidery! I'm so intimidated by the embroidery on my vintage patterns, having never done any myself. Did it take you very long?

  • It is cute and elegant.

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  • I just saw this pattern online yesterday and am determined to find one in my size, or near enough my size that I can enlarge/shrink it a bit to fit. It's adorable.

  • Thank you!! I didn't know that about the comments but I think I just fixed it!

    Anna- I haven't actually done much embroidery either! This was my first time to do it on a dress. I just followed the directions on the pattern on how to do the stitches. It took my a couple days to finish but it was worth it.

  • I really love this cool and pretty dress. Your embroidery work is beautiful. I admire your skills.


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