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"Marnie" dress,

March 25, 2011

  I wanted to share with you my version of a dress that appears in the film Marnie by Alfred Hitchcock in 1964, my passion are the customes of old movies and I have the challenge of doing one every month from a different movie, you can see all reviews of it on my blog.
  Even the term is open to enter the giveaway to choose my dress from the movie of the month of March, Rear Window” 1954, if you pleased, . Enjoy the weekend, dear sewers ..

  1. I like the wide lace trim at the bottom of your dress. Too few sewers do this (and I'm talking about myself here too) and it's so easy and makes for a memorable dress!

  2. Wow, I like yours even better than the original! It fits you better than the original fits the actress, and I agree with the other poster about the trim. That's a great detail!

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