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March 31, 2011
Hi everyone, I’m Shannie. I’ve been a long-time reader of this blog and I finally decided I have news worthy of contributing my own post!

I’m so excited to announce that one of my vintage patterns was chosen for the Vogue Vintage Pattern Search!

The original pattern is Vogue 4743, a Vogue Special Design from the early 50’s.

And the reissue is Vogue 8729. Which is a gorgeous gown, even without the dropped waist.

Thanks so much Pattern Junkie for letting us all know about the pattern search!

Did anyone else submit a pattern that was chosen?

  1. That is really cool! And what a beautiful dress! I'll have to show this to my husband as justification for my pattern stash… 🙂

  2. this dress is so beautiful, makes you feel like getting the sewing machine out, not that its not used all the time, love your blog

  3. I submitted Vogue 884 a while back but it wasn't chosen. I have wanted this patter for years! Thank you so much for entering it! 😀

  4. I just bought this one. Love it!

    I wish they would redo the 884. I'm always searching and hoping that one comes up!

  5. So awesome! Thanks for submitting the pattern! it looks like one of those patterns that would be realy expensive online today, so thank you for submitting it so we can get it without breaking the bank 🙂

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