70’s Style Girl’s Dress… with Mermaids!!!

So I’m a child of the 70’s… can you tell? Now I’m living vicariously through my too-young-to-protest child by making/dressing her in this aqua and burnt orange dress. It has a sweater top that I cut out of a too large sweater that I bought for myself at Value Village. I also chopped up an old girl’s t-shirt with an anchor print for the cuffs and collar, which of course goes perfectly with mermaids. My daughter seems to like it, and I’m sure I liked wearing dresses like this at her age in the late 70’s! For more photos and other vintage style fashions, check out my blog…  http://www.fiveminutesmoreplease.blogspot.com/

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  • I just adore that dress! I'm sure she feels so special in it! The fabric is great 🙂

  • this little girl's outfit rocks. i heart mermaids! and the model is a cutie. love the hairdo and the cool shades.


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