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SOS! Need help dating a vintage machine!

February 2, 2011

OK, folks, I need some help dating one of my vintage machines and getting some spare parts.

The specs:

  • “New Home Light Running Rotary” in a cabinet.
  • Serial no. is ALB201 which means it was manufactured by Free but badged “New Home”.
  • I have the original “Guarantag” dated Feb 20, 1951 but no model number. I’m looking to find the date of manufacture, not date of sale.
  • A mark that looks like an arrowhead with an “8” underneath also appears on the machine.
  • The machine is goldtone and is electric powered with a Westinghouse motor

I need to acquire:

  • New automatic bobbin winder rubber wheelie – the rubber is completely rotted
  • Rubber wheelie thingy that goes from the motor to drive the handwheel – there’s a groove in the rubber that causes major slippage

I’m refreshing my vintage machines, so I can use them again and I’ve hit a wall here.

  1. Hi!

    You won't find a manufacture date, since those records either no longer exist or have yet to be found. Likely it was manufactured in 1950. You're pretty lucky to have the warranty. Most of my machines' dates are a ballpark guess of several years.

    "ALB" in the serial number tells you the model. You have a New Home ALB manufactured by Free. New Home was bought out by Free in 1926 and ceased to exist in 1930. ISMACS has a good article about it on their site

    Cindy at Stitches in Time carries bobbin winder tires Email her if you can't find them, and she'll get what you need.

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