My Blanket Coat

I’ve had this fabric in my stash since August when I got it in Shenzhen. It’s a double sided cashmere & I’ve been wanting to use it to make a short coat since then, it’s just been a matter of finding the right pattern. In the end I settled on a Vintage Vogue V1137 (reprint). I’ve used this pattern in the past & this time I shortened it & left out the lining to end up with what I wanted.

The coat is unlined as I wanted to make it reversible to take advantage of both sides of the wool, (I prefer the tartan side though). All the seams are flat-felled to hide the raw edges & the edges are trimmed with blanked trim. I quite like the results it has the feel of a vintage weekend esape to a country estate or the sea… I think my imagination is running away, anyway, you can find more information on my blog.

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Hi! My name is Steph, during the day I'm a mechanical engineer, but one of my favourite hobbies is sewing. I've been sewing for about 6 or so years now & I spend most of my spare time sewing. The things I enjoy making the most are probably the most frivolous things, pretty dresses & evening gowns, but there are some practical things that I enjoy making, like tailored jackets. Lately I've really been enjoying learning about vintage techniques & couture techniques, & applying them in what I make. I also keep a blog, you can find it here:

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  • Looks Great! I really like the plaid side as well and having it on the diagonal really make the coat 'move'. Just an FYI, in your first picture I saw the silver bits on the wall above you and I thought you had 'deely-bobbers' on your head! :^) Not sure if you know those or not, but they were fun head-wear from when I was a kid.

  • Very nice jacket! It looks so soft and cozy. I love the plaid match up in the back.


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