Vintage Sewing

Ceylon Dress

February 22, 2011

This dress isn’t retro in actual age, but I think the pattern and design have a great retro feel to it.  I think some of the more advanced techniques that I used in this dress will be really useful in working with vintage patterns.

I made this dress as part of the Colette Spring Palette challenge.  

As part of the challenge, I’ll be making an Edwardian style dress based off of one I saw on Downton Abbey.  I’m saving it for last as I’m a little worried about the level of difficulty that will be involved.

More details of this dress and the palette challenge are on my blog: What’s Up, Cupcake?

  1. I really like the details on this dress, and the color you chose is gorgeous! I don't see that green very often. Beautiful 🙂

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