Vogue 9084, 1970s Top

I’ve had this super red and grey wool plaid fabric for several years, and I’ve had plans to make a jacket. But then a red plaid Pendleton 49er came into my life, and I realized I just didn’t need another red plaid jacket. So I put the fabric on the back burner. When I found this pattern from the 70s, I knew exactly what the new plan was.

See the details at The Vintage Traveler

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  • So cute and a great fit!

  • yay for plaid and 70's patterns! looks great.

  • I have a big collection of 1970's casual patterns. I love them. They're so simple and so comfortable but not unflattering. I totally think that the Seventies get a bad rap. The mid-1970's had a lot of awesome patterns.

  • I don't care for 70s fashion in general, but that top looks so warm & cuddly. Turned out great, and hopefully it IS keeping you warm if you're in a cold place!


  • What a lovely top! Very cool. Btw. love your blog too!

  • Thanks everyone I am in a cold place and yes it is nice ad warm – a perfect layering piece. I agree that the 70s gets a bad rap sometimes. I cringe at some of the bad poly and too short shorts and dresses, but so much of what we wore was like this pattern, comgortable and effortless.

    Thanks so much for checking out my blog, The Vintage Traveler. I post mainly about vintage clothing and fashion history, but there is a good measure of retro sewing thrown in as well. Lizzie

  • What a terrific use for that lovely plaid. Well done!


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