Unique vintage mail order apron pattern

So when I should be working but instead I’m doing what I do best… being a pattern hoarder. Well I haven’t bought anything but I do have a few in my watch list. I thought this one was very interesting so I thought I would share it. You can find it here. I’ve never seen an apron like this but wouldn’t it be a unique Mother’s Day gift?

Yeah yeah Mother’s Day is a bit away but I always think of my mom. In fact I bought her a little something already to put aside for Mother’s Day. You can always check out my blog to see things I may not post here.

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  • so fabulous! to bid or not to bid…?

  • That is always my $100.00 question because if I bid on all the ones I want I can easily spend $100.00!

  • It is so pretty- you could definitely do all of your chores in style with an apron like that!


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