Pick Your Pattern Giveaway

You guys do such fabulous sewing! It’s so inspiring to see your patterns and projects come to life, keeping the love of retro styles going. I am in awe of YOU!

Let me just be honest about it: this post is really a shameless plug. I’ve just spent countless hours reworking my website- time I’d have rather spent sewing or pattern making. I LOVE retro styles, so my aesthetic is more vintage than not. To celebrate my small (yet big for an untrained web designer) accomplishment, I’m doing a pattern giveaway. Any pattern you want. To the right is a style I call Southern Belle.

What to do:
Go to my shop page and choose a pattern that you’d like to try. Write a note from the contact page telling me which pattern you’d like to try. If I get at least 40 entries, I’ll choose 2 winners (1 winner per 20 people), which increases everyone’s odds. The contest closes Jan 8. I’ll contact the winner(s) on Jan 10.


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  • Thank you Laura!

  • Thank you so much Laura. I hope I win!

  • Thanks for entering 🙂

  • 🙁 I didn't win…but congrats to all that did! Now to go buy the pattern I wanted to win.


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