Best of three

I’m starting the shiny new year by finishing a new frock. This could establish a worrying trend of a new dress made every day. Sweatshops do it, why not me?

It’s frankensteined from 3 New Look patterns. Sleeves from New Look 6728, bodice from New Look 6968 and skirt is the tried and true, best ever not-too-heavy, not-too-light skirt from New Look 6557. The fabric is a vintage seersucker.

From the front it’s quite plain and simple, but the back is a bit more fun!

More on my blog! Happy new year, Sew Retroadsters all!

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  • Happy New Year. I just found your blog. I just started sewing. Please stop by my blog I post my first shirt.

    living, creating, and appreciating
    ~my blog

  • That is a fun back. Very cute!

  • Love the back! How fun and flirty.


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