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January 23, 2011

Does anyone else have those Art of Sewing Books? I have the collection. There are 16 volumes and they were published in the 1970’s (1973-1976).

They have fabric covers. I am blogging them chapter by chapter. I will be sewing projects from them using some vintage patterns and some modern but vintagey. Please stop by, I’ve started Volume 1– Classic Techniques–the intro and it is topical to this blog as I talk about fashion and style from Madmen and Boardwalk Empire. I plan to develop a badge soon if you want to follow along with me.

Here is the link: Sewing Scholar

  1. I adore these books… I have twelve of them, but am missing a few. They really do cover everything you need to know, and the illustrations and photography are fantastic. You used to be able to find them fairly regularly in thrifts, but I haven't seen any in the last few years.

    Highly highly recommend!

  2. I have a few of them, but I don't have the full set. I actually saw the full set when I got mine and just picked out the ones I thought I'd use. I see them from time to time at thrift stores for 50 cents each or $1. They are cool books though.

  3. If you are looking for volumes to fill in to make a set, I have to recommend AbeBooks– they have many for sale at reasonable (at least more reasonable than Ebay or Etsy) prices. I don't sell on Abebooks, just a happy customer.

  4. I have most of them – got them at a town-wide yard sale! I think there are one or two that I don't have….anyway I absolutely adore them!

  5. I saw these at a charity sale last year and bought the sewing sheers book since I felt like that was the one that I needed most help with. But, yes, they really are fabulous. And I see the rest of the set at this year's sale, I might pick them up! (And then proceed to attempt to find room for them.)

  6. I know this post is oooooold, but I just joined and have been going through all the old posts 😀

    I think those books are AWESOME! I have 10 of them, and one of my favourite projects is the puffs jacket. Someday I’ll make myself one 😀

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