1970’s Puff Sleeve Jacket!

January 16, 2011

I just purchased a box lot of vintage 60’s and 70’s patterns off of Ebay a few weeks ago and was really excited about this particular pattern. I really love the contrasting collar and cuffs! I’ve been feeling especially inspired by the fashions of the 70’s, as my fiance and I are working our way through all of the Oscar Best Movie winners, and have finally made it mid-way through the 1970’s!

This was a super-easy sew, as it was unlined and the collar was cut in one piece. I am looking forward to sewing a long-sleeved version soon!

You can read more about it if you like, on my blog

  1. Your jacket is positively adorable! Sometimes it's still hard for me to see the potential in the pattern- but you made this one into something really beautiful! Love it!

  2. Very cute and could be used easily for the 50's. I have one similar and it is really simple to make these reversible. You should try it. Get two looks with on!

  3. love this jacket! I will have to keep a look out for the pattern too…I find these really flattering as i'm a pear shape and these are great for balancing the figure…great sewing! i like your fabrics to!


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