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December 1, 2010


I only found this blog recently- how I have managed to miss it before is a bit of a mystery. I’m Swedish, so if my English looks odd, then you will have to excuse me, as it is not my native language. I have a love for fashion history since I was very small and have been sewing since I was 20. I re-enact the 18th century and for the last ten years, most of my sewing projects have revolved around that era. I do have a particular love for the fashions of the forties and fifties, though and I have collected some Vintage Vogue patterns that I now am trying to actually make. My first try was this pattern, Vogue 2903, ca 1957:


I was not unpleased with it. I had to do some alterations and I need to tweak those, if I’m going to use this pattern again. I have a large bust, but a very narrow ribcage and back, so a pattern that fits in front, hangs like a sack in the back. I also often need to take in a pattern above the bust too.

My next try was for a 1940’s party, and I choose to make Vogue 2858, from 1944:

I love this pattern! It was very easy to make, if you don’tmind hand-sewing- which I don’t. I added a seam at the center back as I needed to take in the back quite a bit. I should probably had made it a size smaller, because it turned out way to roomy at the sides. I could actually pull the dress over my head without opening the zippers!

The surroundings look a bit drab, but that’s because the whole party took place in a shelter from the forties.

I’m currently making a 50’s pen skirt in grey wool, which I hope to be able to show soon. I have a blog here, Isis’ Wardrobe, where I talk about my sewing projects and topics related to them.

  1. Hi there, I have a similar problem with fitting patterns.
    You've probably tried this,but I select my pattern size according to the rest of my measurements (ignoring my bust size)and then do a "Full Bust Adjustment" adding size in to JUST the bust to accomodate my bosom.
    That way you only have to do 1 alteration instead of many. If I select a pattern according to my bust size, it's ALWAYS huge all over and requires taking in all over. This can then throw out the line of armholes, necklines etc and is a right pain! In case you've not come across this here's a link to a good tutorial:

    They both look lovely by the way!

    Miss P

  2. Lovely to see that top Vogue dress made – and looking considerably more vintage and pretty than the illustration does! And the 40s dress looks stunning and very WWII glamour!

  3. Miss P: Thank you. I have heard of this method (after I made the dresses), so I haven't tried it out yet. Thank you for the link.

    Anonymous & Anonymous: Thank you so much!

    tammyO: Thank you! 🙂

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