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NOT Susan. Actually, I’m looking for a dropped waist full circle skirt pattern, either from a dress or just a skirt for my new spring frock. I’ve got this amazing border printed fabric that is printed in panels that are half circles (I’ve got 4 half circles). I’ve got this amazing “cotton stretch satin” to make the skirt yoke and skinny belt and the blouse (for which I’ve got a lovely pattern).
<———– See?

Floral Fantasy Frock Fabric

But I need something to figure out the bottom half. Because of the way the pattern runs and the need to stuff my big fat hips in it, I need a yoked skirt to make the most out of the fabric. I’m planning on making a crinoline poufer to go under it for max effect also. So what say you? Have you a favorite pattern for something like this? Will I have to self-draft? Because I’ve got nuthin’ in my stash that really springs to mind.

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  • Just read your post and then a few minutes later saw this on eBay.

    Is that like what you had in mind? It's only on for another half hour, but maybe someone else has it for sale.

  • I have a skirt pattern which is a circle skirt on a yoke from the late 80's early 90's which you could see if you could find on one of the pattern sites. New Look 6111. I can email you a scan of the pattern envelope it that helps.

  • I had a look in my self drafting book How to Use, Adapt and Design Sewing Patterns (by Lee Hollohan). and it seems relatively straightforward to modify a standard straight skirt pattern into a yoked full skirt pattern -I can send you some instructions if you like?


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