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Well it’s taken me weeks and a bit of paid help to get this dress finished. In the end I wanted this dress finished more then I wanted to master the pattern and took it off to a seamstress for help. I started it in mid November Here and got stuck, once I to came to the truth (this pattern was getting the better of me) I decided that my pride should not stand in the well of finishing this lovely dress.

While the only person I know who also sews is my mother she was not able to help me, so after some talk we agreed a seamstress would be the best bet to finishing. To see more of the drama please visit me Atomic Mum.
On a different note I would just love to say how much I love this blog and seeing all the lovely clothes people make. It really makes me feel at home. Happy Sewing!

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  • The dress came out lovely, even if it turned into a group effort.

  • Oooh! Love the neckline!

  • Lovely detail with the buttons on straps! Lovely lovely! :)
    Kind regards
    Inger Carina


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