Vogue 1172 – the toile

I cut out the toile in size 10.  According to the pattern envelope I should be a size 14 with my measurements.

No immediate fitting dramas with this one.  I should get more 1957 reissues – they built them for my shape!

For more information and a couple of extra photos you can visit me here at sewredhot.


To refresh your memory, this is the pattern picture. 

Vogue Vintage reissue V1172

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  • Woow !!!!this small tutu is looking fabulous. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9bDNMuA795U I love the good combination of costume. The cross cut model and the ending surface gives a perfect finishing touch. The best collection.

  • Interesting on the sizing – I've got the same thing with the sizing (going by measurements) and always end up having to adjust up OR down…. but then I am probably just oddly shaped some way or other 😉


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