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The Betty Draper Suit

November 9, 2010

It must be Mad Men day in Sew Retroland! And here’s my contribution…

So I was watching Mad Men a few weeks ago, when there was a shot of Betty wearing this:

I jumped off the sofa and went to check my patterns, and behold!

The pattern is Simplicity 7032 from 1967. I found it under a pile of rubbish at an antiques shop in Brighton and snapped it up for £1.50.

Here’s my version:

More on my blog, including finished jacket post here and tutorial on sculpting scallops here 🙂

  1. Now you just need the white gloves and you have the perfect outfit! Great work on the scallops. Scallops can be tricky.

  2. How cool that your pattern is an EXACT likeness to Betty's jacket. Crazy! You did a lovely job–love the color choice. 🙂

  3. Even stranger is how Betty is styled after the pattern picture – that outfit may have been made with the pattern being totally copied.

  4. I'm certain that that pattern was used for Betty's dress…one of the online vinty sewing pattern suppliers, whose name I completely forget, has said, I think on Dress a Day, that Mad Men employees buy from her…

  5. I am one of the companies the the show Mad Men has purchased sewing patterns from. YES, they do use vintage sewing patterns to make the costumes for the show. They purchased a whole bunch of 1960s maternity patterns from my company a few seasons ago when Betty was pregnant.

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