McCalls 8766

Here is the dress I made for an Austin Powers Party. Its McCalls 8766, looking at it now, I don’t really think it was a out there as I could of gone for the party but I’m pretty happy with it, although I should have gone for a brighter pattern or colour. The fabric is cotton sateen in a snake print pattern. This dress was very easy to sew up, I followed the instructions to a tee. I have to say how surprised I am with how much alteration I would have needed to do to the dress to get it looking like the cover pattern. I left it longer as I want to unpick the dress and use the fabric on something that I’ll wear more often. It was quite baggy on, so I added a belt for some of the night. Please excuse how messy I look, this photo was taken in the early hours the next day. My hair would just not stay poofy. Thanks for reading. More photos will be up on my blog in the next day or two. Kat

Without the belt.

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  • Back in the day – (oh how I loved that style, BTW) – we used sizing or starch when ironing the dress to get more flair and have it stand out. Also, the shorter length does indeed flair more easily. Sometimes underlining with a crisp interfacing or just another cotton would work too. Heavier fabric choices as a canvas type cotton or twill also took the shape well. Sounds like a cool party. Thanks for sharing.

  • The style and fit are nice in the bodice area- it's too bad it was too baggy on you in the skirt. The party does sound like a lot of fun!

  • i love the sleeves. i've cut the seams on more than one project and used the fabric for something else.


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