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November 2, 2010

Do you remember?

  • Howdy Doody
  • Abbott & Costello
  • The original Twilight Zone
  • Rin Tin Tin
  • Bewitched
  • Green Acres
  • Gilligan’s Island
  • 45’s (records)
  • suitcase styled record players
  • green stamps
  • Candy Cigarettes
  • Silly Puddy
  • Transistor Radios
  • Pogo Sticks
  • Air-raid drills at school
  • The Lunar Landing

Do you also remember when women/girls acted  & dressed like nice proper ladies? And men/boys acted & dressed like fine proper gentleman??  Even the risque photos of the pinup girls were done tastefully…  I’m not naive enough to believe that there were no naked photos or promiscuous behavior going on at the time, but it wasn’t flaunted all over the place like it is today. We could use a return to higher values & morals in this Country!  I will get off my soap box now…
Well, it’s time for me to go enjoy my homemade Potato Soup (my Grandmother’s recipe from the depression).  It is so yummy and perfect for a chilly day like today! 
Enjoy reminiscing….

  1. I may like the styles of days past, but I most certainly would not like to return to an uptight, pre-feminist world, where female sexuality was frowned upon and where 'nice girls don't'…..

  2. Ladyday, I'm not saying we all have to run around like Catholic Nuns…. but here in America, the children are getting out of control(& have been for some time now). Teen & pre-teen pregnancies are at an all time high, heck, they even have a tv show about it! I overheard a very young girl saying that she watches this show and how cool it is…. SAD!!!
    Even the halloween costumes for the kids are slutty…
    Children of today have no respect for their parents, teachers or others – and no respect for themselves. Alot of them don't know what an honest day's work is or the value of the dollar… it's an expendable world where they'll make more & somebody will always take care of us, and let's not forget that even the losers of an event get prizes because "there are no losers" – everybody is a winner. This does not teach them good sportsmanship. Real life has dissappeard….
    What are we supposed to do about that??

  3. Those TV shows are fun but they weren't even reality at the time. The biggest difference was that people weren't allowed to talk about it then.

    Other things to "miss" about the 1950's:

    1) Child and spousal abuse almost without impunity (no shelters, and nobody listened to hysterical women, anyway. Nice people didn't discuss what went on behind closed doors, and nice women kept their mouths shut and accepted that they probably deserved it).

    2) Attitudes about racial, religious, and political minorities.

    3) Opportunities for women in the professional and academic worlds.

    4) If we polluted now at the rate we did then, with the current population level, we'd all choke. You know why classic cars don't have the same inspection standards? Because they can't pass otherwise.

    5) Primitive medical care. Out of five members of my close family, four of us would likely be dead now.

    Look, I like to dress neatly and cook, too, but I wouldn't trade it for the real-world 1950's.

  4. I agree with Little Black Car, Syrena, that the past is often idealised and the reality not shown. Your comments about children being out of control and that “Children of today have no respect for their parents, teachers or others – and no respect for themselves” were things said back then about the youth of that age.

    Teens need sex education and easy access to contraception, not moralising and condemnation of a perfectly natural urge. The US and the UK have high teen pregnancy rates and high STIs because of their LACK of comprehensive and early sex education, because right wing moralists oppose it. Thankfully though, here in the UK we have far less religious groups’ interference and attempts to inhibit and crush young people’s blossoming sexuality.

  5. I'm not old enough to "remember" most of that, and I certainly don't care about nudity (half of the world population has the same stuff as me, and the other half has the same stuff as my husband :), but I do think some of the formality and manners of previous eras were really wonderful and charming, and I intend to instill those values in my daughter.

    This topic- now vs. then- is bound to come up anywhere there is such a passion for relics of times past, and it is a complicated issue. Although these eras evoke some nostalgia for simplicity, quality, formality, etc., we have progressed so far in America (and the world!) in so many ways, that I for one could never truly wish for a return to bygone eras.

    I read a vintage blog the other day that had a similar post about frugality during WWII, and all I could think of was my grandmother, sitting far away from the other kids at her school during lunch so they wouldn't know she had only slices of onion on her sandwich. Yeah- people were frugal, and they were sometimes poor, cold, and hungry too! It brings tears to my eyes every time I think about it, and I feel so lucky for the prosperity we currently enjoy, "recession" or no. So, yeah- I love to look at images like this for the beauty and inspiration they hold, but I have to agree that I feel awfully lucky about the hand I was dealt! Of course I do live in rural NC, and I have no television- that helps a lot!!!!

  6. I never though morals were any better or worse than they were now. People just felt obligated to live beneath/with their teachings a lot more/longer than they do today. The freedom to brake loose of your family support system is much more available than it was then, so you conformed or you were struggling.

    As far as television depicting reality, not in the slightest. TV was to show the ideal of what the American family was. If you wanted reality, you'd read the paper, or a magazine (novel short stories aside).

    Sexualization of women and girls is a bit more muddier. Girls often married at 15/16 in those days, but that was alright. There was a husband there to take care of her, and by 20, she might have had 3 children. Now, sure, there are teen pregnancies, but no marriage, so there in lies the stigma.

    I have nostalgia for the era, but I so would not want to live there. I would have very, VERY limited choices in what I could do, and with so many people who might be better at it than I, I might not have had much opportunity and would have been stuck.

    It was a VERY racist era, no question. But on the flip side, there was a strong since of patriotism, how ever one sided than there is today.

    Now that we are more openly diverse, it seems that is the new boogieman. And thats whats sad about the modern times.

  7. I am too young to remember or have lived the era but it is a nice fantasy that all was good in the 1950's. It is also nice to recreate the dresses from then.

    I understand though what the post was about and I think everyone is getting a little too deep about it.

    I do believe that today’s morals are lower than the past whether it is sex, nudity, or discrimination, etc.

    Children are wilder because there is less supervision as so many parents are in situations that both have to work. I think in the 50's there were a lot more stay at home moms.

    I've also seen that many parents due to divorce or breaking up treat their children as "Friends", instead of being a parent.

    I disagree with Little Black's list in the sense that list from the 1950's is still present now.

    20 years from now we will have better medicine we probably have better medicine today from three years ago.

    I think we are polluting our world and destroying our environment at a faster pace now then back then. I think we are destroying our farm lands and natural habitats for animals a hundred times faster then in the 1950’s and this will continue as our populations grow.

    People still don't want to listen to "hysterical" women and often these women hide behind closed doors out of fear or shame.

    The work place for women is improving but you can still count on your wages being less than a man.

    So I guess the 1950's are still quite upon us and not for the better.

  8. You all have very valid points and I agree that the world has progressed for the better…Medical technology, satellite tech, science, social programs & laws that are designed to protect…that really has nothing to do with manners, however, which is where I was going with my original comments.
    I don't understand the fact that my kids don't know how to be kids. I send them outside to play and they just stand there for a couple minutes and then come in complaining how boring it is to live on 4 acres of woods with a creek and a river… and that when they are shopping for clothes, one wants them skin tight and the other one wants them bagging off her butt….
    I didn't mean to cause such a stir…

  9. Discussion isnt causing a stir. Its something that does not happen too often for fear of offending people, when frankly, no one should get offended by someone stating their opinion in a non confrontational and civil way.

  10. Syrena, I share the sentiment in your post. I think we definitely could use a return to higher values and morals in this country. And a surprising number of people that I have met also seem to have a nostalgia for a better time.

  11. I agree with New Vintage Lady that discussion is good and though I hesitated posting my original thoughts, I went ahead because I feel everyone should feel fine disagreeing and putting their ideas forward. I enjoy a good debate, so don't worry about creating a 'stir', Syrena!

  12. 🙂 Well, I don't feel so bad now… I was afraid I had started an argument – but I am so happy to know that we are all adults here and can maintain a civil discussion … Not all blogs are so lucky…
    You are a great group, I enjoy reading everybody's posts and learning the little tidbits ya'll have to offer. 🙂

  13. No, you definitely shouldn't feel bad. I, for one, think it is interesting to read varied perspectives and ideas, so go ahead and stir away! And I do agree with you on your points about manners. It's crazy how kids today are learning a totally different skill set. I read an article recently about how many kids can't operate basic kitchen appliances, but they can type a gazillion words a minute and without lessons (like we had!) Ask my 15 year old sister to iron a shirt- forget it. Ask her to take a photo and edit it in Photoshop- no problem!

  14. Racism, sexism and other realities of the past aside, kids need to be taught how to play. They learn from adults or other children. We can't get upset over kids not playing like we want, or we did, if we haven't taught them how! Sitting at a computer is adult "play" and we're obviously doing an excellent job teaching that lesson.

  15. Really good point, Our Heroine. I remember watching my mother sew and asking her for a needle and thread. She taught me how to hand sew and I was off! Granted they were the worst hand bags on the planet, but I would imagine such treasures in them.

    All the skills we received as children we often forget we learned them. A seed was planted, and we took it from there. 🙂

  16. Luckily, I have school hours or practice times to get on the computer – but they are all the rave in school, so…. I have tried to peak an interest in them toward sewing – but I was told that "Dude! That is so boring and uncool!" Needless to say, I was a bit dissappointed but this morning I noticed a piece of paper on the table…. I am trying to come up with ideas for Burdastyle's competition… my 11 yr old daughter had drawn her own outfit – complete with shoes & accessories!! There is hope yet… 🙂

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