Frightening 50s Bunny Overalls

These were made for my boyfriend’s nephew Cy for his second birthday! They are so named because everyone who saw them thought the bunny looked rather evil and menacing. They are from Simplicity 4417 (1953).

 Thanks for looking!
Lisette, WWNDW?

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  • They are cute on but I agree on the bunny face being a bit worrisome – it's the eyes! I also really like the pattern – simple lines that say a lot.

  • Very cute but the bunny is a little scary

  • My mother in law bought a bib for my daughter that has two scary bunnies! They look very similar. What is it that gives them that menacing quality? 🙂

  • Haha! I have been working on this same overall pattern in green 12-wale corduroy for my little brother, but opted out of the bunny transfer because of the evil eyes. 😉 Despite the crazy bunny, your version turned out very adorable!


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